Property Management of Foreign Residents

Our firm provides professional and comprehensive legal treatment in a variety of real estate and real estate engagements, and represents foreign residents who own real estate in Israel in everything related to the management of their properties, including:

  • Agreements for the purchase / sale of residential, real estate and commercial apartments.
  • Lease agreements for residential apartments and more.
  • Accompanying the seller and / or the buyer in all stages of the transaction from the negotiation stage to its actual registration, whether it is a private client interested in purchasing or selling a residential apartment or a business client who wishes to purchase or sell a commercial and industrial
  • Registration of the property with the Land Registry of the State of Israel (Tabu).
  • Properties of foreign residents from abroad who own real estate for investment purposes and need ongoing management of their properties and residents of Israel who own commercial real estate and seek professional support and assistance.
  • Representing them in Israel in everything related to the real estate assets they own.
  • Representation in legal problems, in legal proceedings if necessary. In Israel, there are quite a few real estate properties that are owned by non-residents. Remote property management is not an easy task, especially when those properties are rented out, or are in the process of being built, for example in projects of NPA 38, evacuation-construction, renovation, etc, Or when legal proceedings are being conducted in connection with the property in or out of court. In all those cases, and in many other cases, it is important for the property owners to have regular legal representation in the country, in order to address all the necessary issues. It is also important that the property owners have an address in Israel, to which the letters and notices from the authorities regarding these properties will be directed. It is important to remember that when legal and / or administrative proceedings are conducted, there are deadlines set by law, in which responses, requests, letters of defense, claims on behalf of the property owners, etc. can be submitted. Therefore, when the property owner has a permanent legal representation in Israel, which preserves his rights, he is assured that his affairs are handled on an ongoing basis and properly.
  • Representation in all day-to-day matters of the property, and handling current questions and problems of property management (insurance, repairs, maintenance, house committee, collection fee, advice on its improvement, sale, rental, etc.
  • Treatment of wills and inheritances in Israel by foreign residents.

 In addition, we also provide property management services that include:

  • Purchase of properties in Israel for foreign residents, including:
  • Locating a property according to the budget through an expert real estate consultant.
  • Opening a dedicated trust account for a transaction with the banks in Israel.
  • Mortgage advice by a professional financing expert.
  • Full representation before the tax authorities throughout all stages of the transaction.
  • Preparation of contracts and agreements in accordance with the requirement of the law until the registration of the rights in the apartment in the name of the buyer.
  • Management of the property after the purchase.
  • Property rental treatment, including:
  • Locating potential tenants.
  • Negotiating with potential tenants.
  • Editing and signing lease agreements / extension agreements
  • Checking tenants and obtaining appropriate guarantees.
  • Managing a trust account for the customer.
  • Collection of rent and issuance of receipts to tenants.
  • Transferring receipts to the customer.
  • Providing ongoing maintenance services for the property and its surroundings in accordance with the lease agreement.
  • Receiving property from an outgoing tenant and handing over a property to an incoming tenant and making adjustments to existing and new tenants.
  • Treatment and follow-up change holders of the local authority and the electricity company, application for exemption of an empty property and property under renovation.
  • Warning letters to tenants
  • Filling lawsuits to the supervisor of shared apartments in cases of neighbor conflicts.
  • Taking collection proceedings in the Execution and realizing guarantees.
  • Filing an eviction claim against problematic tenants.
  • Ongoing consultation and legal representation in aspects relating to land management, including the Municipal and Local Council Act.

אייל הלוי

עורך דין

עו״ד איל הלוי עוסק בעריכת הסכמים וחוזים לקנייה ומכירת מגרשים, דירות והשכרתם. בנוסף, עו״ד הלוי מעניק טיפול משפטי מקצועי ומקיף במגוון התקשרויות בנושא מקרקעין ונדל”ן, ומייצג תושבי חוץ בעלי מקרקעין בישראל בכל הקשור לניהול נכסיהם,לרבות ליווי המוכר ו/או את הרוכש בכל שלבי העסקה משלב המו”מ ועד לרישומה בפועל, בין אם זה לקוח פרטי המעוניין לרכוש או למכור דירת מגורים ובין אם זה לקוח עסקי שברצונו לרכוש או למכור נכס מניב למסחר ותעשייה. רישום הנכס בלשכת רישום המקרקעין של מדינת ישראל(טאבו). וכן ניהול שוטף של נכסיהם של תושבי חוץ ותושבי ישראל המחזיקים בנכסי נדל”ן  מסחריים ומבקשים תמיכה ועזרה מקצועית.

אורי הלוי

עורך דין

עו”ד אורי הלוי, עוסק בכל הקשור בדיני נזיקין וחברות ביטוח. בתביעות נזקי גוף, תאונות דרכים, רשלנות רפואית,חיים,תאונות עבודה, אבדן שכר עבודה וכדו’. עיסוקו כולל ייצוג נפגעי תאונות דרכים בבתי המשפט לרבות ייצוג תובעים כנגד חברות הביטוח, ובכל מקרה אחר בו נגרם לאדם נזק גוף ומגיעים לו פיצויים. יתרונו הגדול והייחודי טמון ביכולת להעניק ללקוח פיצוי מרבי עקב ניסיון רב שצבר בייצוג חברות ביטוח שונות והכרת הנפשות הפועלות, כך שטיפולו בתביעת הנזיקין ומיצוי זכויותיו של הלקוח יבואו לידי מימוש בצורה טובה יותר וממילא התוצאות יהיו טובות יותר.

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